3 George Harrison Songs Inspired By Pattie Boyd

3 George Harrison Songs Inspired By Pattie Boyd | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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When George Harrison saw Pattie Boyd, it was instantaneous chemistry. The pair met during the filming of The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night (1964), in which Boyd played one of the schoolgirls in the train where the Fab Four could be seen riding. They were married at the height of Beatlemania and around the time when George was only yet to hone his skills in songwriting. And with Boyd on his side, it was only easy for him to make her an inspiration. We list down these 3 wonderful songs that Harrison wrote for his former wife.


“I Need You” – Help! (1965)

Harrison wrote “I Need You” as a dedication to Boyd when the band was beginning to start on the Help! album. While the song’s title suggests otherwise, Harrison uses it to express his sadness at the state of his troubled relationship. Set in the context of a breakup ballad, Harrison implores Boyd to remember that he can’t survive without her.

“Something” – Single (1969)

In contrast to the extensive catalog of songs written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney for the group, Harrison’s “Something” was the only song written by Harrison to be released as a single by the Beatles. Harrison, however, was not known for his classic love ballads, and the song’s bridge questions whether or not his love will ever develop beyond the “electricity” he feels at the time.

“So Sad” – Dark Horse (1973)

Once The Beatles disbanded, George went on to have a successful solo career, separating himself from the Beatle legacy in the process. At this time, things had also become worse in his relationship with Pattie, and he penned this song to express how helpless he felt. While most of Harrison’s third album deals with his general feelings of despair, “So Sad” is the only track that addresses the split head-on.