3 Classic Journey Performances Released Online

3 Classic Journey Performances Released Online | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Youtube / The Midnight Special

Journey Fans Rejoice!

Journey’s performances on the popular late-night music show, “Midnight Special,” were some of the band’s most memorable and iconic moments. These appearances showcased the band’s raw talent, energy, and captivating stage presence, cementing their status as one of the biggest and most beloved rock bands of the era.

Their performance of “Lights” on the show in 1978 was particularly notable, with lead singer Steve Perry’s soaring vocals and the band’s tight instrumentation electrifying the crowd. The performance of their hit song “Wheel in the Sky” on the same show also captured the band’s infectious energy and undeniable musicianship.

Journey’s performances on “Midnight Special” helped to propel the band to new heights of success, with their signature sound and anthemic rock songs captivating audiences around the world. Even decades later, these performances remain a cherished part of the band’s legacy, serving as a testament to their enduring popularity and influence in the world of rock music.