1969 London: Janis Joplin Performs “Work Me Lord” – Watch

1969 London: Janis Joplin Performs “Work Me Lord” – Watch | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Janis Joplin live in Stockholm, 1969 - Onur Askin / Youtube

Janis Joplin is arguably one of the most iconic voices in rock music – her distinct rasp setting her apart from her contemporaries, whether they be male or female acts. Her massive talent, packed with the swagger that would make other rockers shrink in comparison, made for a deadly combination that bled pure authenticity all the way.

Joplin thrived in live music, her Monterey Pop festival breakthrough a testament on how she commanded crowds with the power of her voice. One such performance showcasing her impressive set of pipes was her live rendition of “Work Me Lord” from her debut solo album, I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama!

Written by songwriter-guitarist Nick Gravenites – who was Joplin and Mike Bloomfield’s constant collaborator – this blues song has Joplin singing to God, asking for love to take away the pain caused by her loneliness on earth. Her whiskey-blues sound, which she developed in her high school days, is prevalent in this live version of the song. Click on the video below to enjoy the rawness of Joplin’s solemn yet evocative performance of the “Work Me Lord”.