1963: Listen To Bob Dylan In His First TV Performance

1963: Listen To Bob Dylan In His First TV Performance | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Bankymen / Youtube

When we talk about big names in the industry, it is often forgotten that they too had to start somewhere small and obscure. The great Bob Dylan is no exception to this, having worked his worth off in auxiliary roles far from the spotlight to fulfill his dreams in music.

Back in 1963, Dylan first set foot in one of the coldest winters in London, where his brooding persona was noticed by TV director Phillip Saville. With this, he had his first big break in the industry by bagging an invitation to the televised BBC play titled The Madhouse on Castle Street. He was tasked to play the character, Lennie.

Aside from this paid TV gig, Dylan was also brought around by his then-manager, Albert Grossman, to folk clubs. Here, Dylan slowly amassed a following with his enigmatic numbers around the burgeoning English folk circuit, eventually becoming a regular in the scene as time passed. His time in the locality armed him with the artistic advantage to craft some of his greatest cuts in the process.

Listen to one of pop culture’s greatest influences in his humble beginnings on the video below.