10 Things Die-Hard Fans Probably Didn’t Know About Don Henley

10 Things Die-Hard Fans Probably Didn’t Know About Don Henley | I Love Classic Rock Videos

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Don Henley rose to fame as one of the driving engines of music’s most prized band: Eagles. As the primary lyricist of the group along with Glenn Frey, they helped establish the country-rock sound that the band became well-known for. Henley is no man of mystery, being both a celebrity and an activist, but we’d still like to compile these 10 Don Henley facts that you might probably didn’t know about. Enjoy!


He Had the Most Successful Solo Career Out of the Eagle Members

“Being together” wasn’t always the case for Henley’s band, who often took breaks when needed. At that point, Henley proved to everyone what he’s capable of, releasing 5 solo albums with several hits.

He Showed Interest in Football as A Kid

Henley was an active kid, loving football and showing a deep interest in it. However, when he suffered a gridiron injury from playing, he decided to skip the obsession and joined the marching band later on. That’s how he developed the desire to pursue music after.

Fleetwood Mac’s “Sara” Is Somehow Connected to Henley

Back in the 70s, when Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks briefly dated Don Henley, she accidentally got pregnant. Afraid that this might be the end of her career, she decided to abort the fetus. The song “Sara” became her response to that experience.

Don Henley Had the Last Laugh for “Don Henley Must Die”

Rock N’ Roll singer Mojo Nixon created the anti-ode “Don Henley Must Die” to mark his disinterest in the Eagles drummer. Turns out, Henley had the last laugh when he joined Nixon onstage to perform the song and even surprised Nixon when he showed up in an interview!

He Hurt His Back by Playing Drums So Much

If your parents warned you about bad posture, you better believe them. After years of performing on drums and singing, Henley cut back from doing it all over again as time passed by due to back problems.

Henley Has Connection to Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers Band

Mike Campbell has long been a friend of Henley’s, helping the singer develop ideas since the beginning. Apart from that, former Heartbreakers drummer Stan Lynch has also been a go-to contributor of the singer when he needed moral and musical support.

He Had Sheryl Crow as A Background Singer Before

Before her successful career as a solo artist, Sheryl Crow started from humble beginnings, singing background vocals to a handful of artists including Don Henley. Both would reunite again for Henley’s “The Garden of Allah” song.

The Sunset Grill Wasn’t Fake

This Don Henley hit was real after all! It was said to be inspired by a popular burger joint on the Sunset Boulevard, attracting customers right after Henley wrote a song about it.

He Adores Ringo Starr

The Eagles drummer is not shy about telling everyone that he loves Ringo Starr’s approach to drumming. The legendary Beatle drummer has always incorporated the “less is more” idea, which stuck Henley.

He Collaborated with Axl Rose – Twice

Although both Henley and Rose could agree that their music style is at the end of the spectrum, they actually had a fun time collaborating. Rose provided background vocals to Henley’s “I Will Not Go Quietly” and when Rose needed help for a fill-in since Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler was recovering in rehab during the 1989 American Music Awards, he was quick to accept the offer.