10 Rock n’ Roll Supergroups That Only Had One Album

10 Rock n’ Roll Supergroups That Only Had One Album | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Eric Clapton for Derek & The Dominos - Stephen Polly / Youtube

For the usual rock band or artist, albums are often released in quick succession or simmered for years before being pushed out. Nonetheless, most of these acts have multiple records on their belts. One can’t say the same for supergroups, however. While the promise their collaborations bring is overwhelming, aspects like management, chemistry, or scope of work often get in the way of continuous album releases. Without further ado, here are 10 rock supergroups that made an intro and exited the scene with one album.

Beck, Bogert & Appice

You can already tell that Jeff Beck was part of the band just by its name, and was joined by Vanilla Fudge’s Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert. The band released a single self-titled record that also featured appearances of guest musicians from Three Dog Night. While this was the only studio record the band had, extensive live career and multiple compilations were due for the fans to enjoy.

The Soul Clan

It’s kind of eccentric how The Soul Clan managed to pull off two different lineups while only releasing a single 1966 self-titled album. Featuring names like Otis Redding, Solomon Burke, and Ben E. King, The Soul Clan really had the cream of the crop do a satisfying one-off.


Comprised by rock greats Robin Trower on guitars, Jack Bruce on bass, and Bill Lordan on drums, B.L.T. managed to push out a single self-titled album in 1981 that would seal the fate of the band forever.


HSAS has one of the most eclectic blends of rockers in one group, featuring future Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar, Journey and Santana’s Neil Schon, Kenny Aaronson, and Michael Shrieve. Releasing a frenzied album titled Through The Fire in 1984, the band never really got the chance to reconvene.

KBC Band

Though some may argue about KBC being just another iteration of Jefferson Starship/Airplane, the band is a supergroup in its own right. comprised of Paul Kanter, Marty Balin, and Jack Cassidy, along with Keith Crossnan, Tim Gorman, Darrell Verdusco, and Slick Aguilar, they released their only studio album in 1985.

Tipton, Entwistle & Powell

One of the supergroups that had a belated album release was Tipton, Entwistle & Powell. They recorded the album Edge of The World in the mid-’90s but was only unveiled in 2006. The group is comprised of John Entwistle, Cozy Powell, and Glen Tipton.

Emerson, Lake & Powell

The original ELP couldn’t get back together due to Carl Palmer’s commitment with ASIA in the ’80s, that’s why Keith Emerson and Greg Lake hired the help of Cozy Powell to make another ELP lineup, only this time the P represented Powell.


Though released in the ’90s, Contraband’s sound was reminiscent of the ’80s hair metal appeal. The band is comprised of  Richard Black, Michael Schenker, Tracii Guns, Share Pedersen, and Bobby Blotzer. The self-titled record was released in 1991 and continues to be a rare find these days.

Blind Faith

One of Eric Clapton’s short-lived projects, Blind Faith only released a single self-titled debut before breaking up. The lineup was completed by Steve Winwood, Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Ric Grech.

Derek & The Dominos

While Derek & The Dominos were productive with live material and box sets, they only ever managed to push out a single studio record. Entitled Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs, the band was made up of Eric Clapton, Bobby Whitlock, Carl Radle, and Jim Gordon, with the special participation of  Dave Mason and Duane Allman.