10 Interesting Facts About ‘Kashmir’ By Led Zeppelin

10 Interesting Facts About ‘Kashmir’ By Led Zeppelin | I Love Classic Rock Videos

Kashmir - Led Zeppelin /YouTube

This eight-and-a-half minute record from Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti shows the most distinct, most exotic, and the most authentic Zeppelin song to ever exist in their whole career. A true hallmark of the band’s success, there is so much more to this song behind its great lyrics and over-the-top backup instrumentals; which all four of them would agree to that notion. “Kashmir” captured the band’s true essence making each of their formulas to their song: less of hesitation and full of courage, with the best funk and rock.


  1. It was originally titled “Driving To Kashmir”, but Led Zeppelin settled on “Kashmir” instead.
  2. Robert Plant, the band’s vocalist, wrote the lyrics for this song while he was driving on the Sahara Desert to a Moroccan National Festival. Kashmir/ Cashmere is a mountain region in Southern Asia, and while Plant was inspired to write a song about this, he was nowhere near the place.
  3. The iconic riff used for this song started on the tuning cycle of which Jimmy Page began to use for many years (DADGAD cycle).
  4. This was a staple on every live performance of Led Zeppelin back from when it was released in 1975, up to their last live performance in 1980.
  5. The members decided it was best to hire outside musicians to fully complete the orchestration of the song, with string and horn sections applied. It was among the few Zeppelin songs that used that setting.
  6. Radio stations did not fear the length of this track since the success of “Stairway to Heaven” was still predominant, and the song also contained an 8-minute mark.
  7. Plant praised John Bonham’s skills on the drums for this song, stating that this was a vital key that united the elements together.
  8. The lyrics spoke about the metaphorical feeling of the traveler’s inexplicable journey to the desert.
  9. Plant thought of this song as the “True Zeppelin song” that highlights positive lyrics, perfect synchronization, and just fine music in general. He also wished the people remembered this track more than how they do with “Stairway to Heaven”.
  10. All four of the members admitted that this was one of the best musical accomplishments in the course of their Led Zeppelin careers, with Plant declaring that this was his “most favorite song” and Page acknowledging the riffs as among his finest.